Live and interactive complimentary webinars and talks hosted by global industry leaders.

Recreating a sense of community and unity for those experiencing unsettling times due to the effects of social distancing and lockdown.
From health and wellness coaches bringing clarity and peace to personal lives, to business coaches reinstating steel work ethic.

isoulation – A Healthier Digital Lifestyle.

✔ No one knows exactly what will come over the next few months, but here is our guide to the unknown – health, economy, business and lifestyle.
✔ Join our online community and replace the sense of unity lost whilst in situations of lock down, working from home and self-isolation.
“In being stripped of what we need most by the threat of contagion, we are reminded of how much we have taken community for granted”.

An initiative to support the community.

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Topics that will be covered

✔ Middle East Restaurant Association

MERA bring you a weekly briefing and update regarding all things Food and Beverage. The voice of the UAE F&B industry.

✔ Business and Industry

Leaders and Professionals from various fields sharing their knowledge and passion. From Business Coaches to Designers, Lawyers to Architects.

✔ Health and Wellness

Now more than ever, your physical and mental health is incredibly important. Advice given in the form of Life Coaches, Yoga Instructors and all-round Goodness Gurus.
  • Emma Burdett – Founder – WILD
    Debbie Kristiansen – CEO – Novo Cinemas
    Helen McGuire – CEO – Hopscotch
    Kelly Lundberg – CEO – The S.Academy

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